The Wife of a Heroin User by (Lynn Ramsey-Smith) A True Short-Story (Pt. 1)

Jerome was a thief. He would steal anything and was good at it. One time, he walked into a department store and walked out with a bicycle and a Walkman  and no one stopped him. He stole our rent money and even went into the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C. where I worked using my badge to get in and my keys to open the gift shop I managed and he stole everything out of the safe. I was in  panic mode trying to figure why he wanted to hurt me so badly.

I think the worst thing about his addiction was that he was taking my son on drug buys with him while I was at work. He would leave him with drug dealers while he went and shot up. I thank God for protecting my child from harm.

He was arrested a few times while we were married and I actually divorced him while he was in jail the second time. I still hoped he would change. He has so much potential, he was a talented artist.  The last time I saw him was right before we moved to Alabama, my son wanted to say goodbye to him. He looked awful. He was on some kind of psychotropic meds and had put on a lot of weight and had the tremors.

I found out about two years ago that he had passed away. The drugs had destroyed him to the point that he was only 90 lbs. when he died. It breaks my heart that someone I loved so dearly could give in to such a horrific addiction.

There are so many people out there Like Jerome, whether its heroin, crack ,cocaine, or weed, it can destroy lives. Not just the lives of the addict, but the lives of the ones that love him.

Writer/ Lynn Smith

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