Hi. Classes are currently held at 2365 Pleasantdale Road, Atlanta Ga.   The classes are on every other Saturday.  Please sign-up , currently the lessons are free.  These are basic aural skills, and some music theory.   Any questions 470 808 0324.

america's music elevator

America's Music Elevator is a 'Non-Profit'  awareness cause for the Young Teens and Children  and  Adults,,,   so Basically  anyone who desire to learn basic drum skills,, Basic Piano Theory, and a Possible Woodwind Curriculuum {Clarinet and Saxophone} ..  This Program will focus on Underprivelege , Low -Income Families who Cannot afford Music Lessons.  Today current rate for Instructional Music is almost 25.00 to 30.00 Per Half Hr.   Here at  "Americas Music Elevator",, we would like to make a difference.   Currently this program is open for Atlanta Ga. and some areas in Alabama.


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